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Provincial Chinese capital bans unvaccinated people from entering key public places

By Administrator_India

Capital Sands

Unvaccinated citizens of northern China’s provincial capital will not be allowed to enter public places including hospitals, malls, subways, hotels, and markets, reported Hindustan Times.

Authorities have directed grassroot workers in the city to submit the names and details of people who have not taken the vaccine against COVID-19 disease to local committees and sub-district offices everyday.

Residents have to show proof of vaccination and a green health code to enter public areas.

According to theĀ reportĀ in daily, Chinese media claims that government of Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said those who have not been vaccinated and found to be responsible for spreading COVID-19 will be prosecuted.

Earlier in July this year, after finding one asymptomatic case, the local government of Hancheng, Northwest China’s Shaanxi Province announced a ban on unvaccinated people entering key public places including supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, public vehicles and entertainment venues and government halls.


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